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Beijing opera culture enters college textbook
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Beijing opera is the bright phearl of a bright in China tradition culture, it is China the type of drama with the mainest, the most extensive influence, be regarded as the quintessence of a country, love numerously by domestic and international wide grand sight.

By Gansu Province educational press publishs " textbook of college of Beijing opera culture " , from the ABC proceed with of Beijing opera, introduced the ABC such as modelling of the genre of Beijing opera, a list of plays, music for voices in a Chinese opera, dress systematically quite, include the classical aria of outstanding and traditional a list of plays and contemporary Beijing opera. The characteristic of this book is give priority to a line with aria, will strengthen the acknowledge of pair of Beijing opera culture and interest through learning to perform aria, knowledge of the historical setting of the opera that aria involves related understanding, literature, aesthetic knowledge, contain teachs at " play " , contain teachs at " happy " . The person that write notices to use straightaway language, select a character history story related to aria a list of plays or aria singer in the light of every aria, in order to enhance interest sex, let broad adolescent accept education of Beijing opera culture thereby, arouse them to be mixed to the attention of traditional culture love, the person that also can help general read through at the same time experiences the distinctive and artistic glamour of Beijing opera, raise appreciate level, be taught by culture edification and tradition.

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