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Li Hanqiu of traditional culture expert unscrambles show of Olympic Games openin
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Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on August 10 report (reporter Zhou Wei) " natural and smooth writing of show of whole opening ceremony, did not rupture feeling, culture spirit, various the symbolic thaw that can represent China culture is together, be like Mo Changjuan of a water, it is the epitome of China culture, its axes is the marrow of China culture and good convention. Its axes is the marrow of China culture and good convention..
In traditional culture expert Li Hanqiu looks, can reflect the setting of Chinese artistic conception most, the dance that is systemic black person at the same time dancing at the same time splash-ink. "This paragraph of calligraphy, will painterly, dancing is united in wedlock together, by superb of it may be said. Additional, resemble be being deduced with Kunqu opera " Chun Jianghua is moonlight " , wait for music, dancing, opera artistic element again be in harmony come in, although be a fragment of a highly treasured relic, but be in harmony is in, muddy does not have mark like that. Muddy does not have mark like that..
Kong Men name of the analects of confucius of chant of body of subclass of 3000 younger brother sentence, shanming Gu Ying, shock popular feeling. "' in the four seas all brother ' the mind that is our Chinese, it and at the beginning ' friend comes from distance, extremely ' mutual echo, witness the broad bosom of Chinese traditional culture. " Li Hanqiu says, "That sound is sent from the bottom of one's heart, travel distance all the time, come over from response of far and near again, seeming is the group sound that from oneself inmost recital comes out. Seeming is the group sound that from oneself inmost recital comes out..
In opening ceremony show, too much element is worth ponder. "For instance 2008 person hits shadowboxing, formed a circle, the circle points to solidarity not only, still have satisfactory idea, this is state of the life emotional appeal that China children pursues and life; Shadowboxing is firm soft photograph aid, the sort of gas charm that gives birth to syncretic of person of the gas arteries and veins that is born not to cease, day, be the spirit with our China consistent culture. Presswork like letter again, highlighted the characteristic of Chinese characters adequately, we are continuous thousands of years the fetch of uninterrupted culture is with respect to be in harmony in Chinese characters. Still the bird homes, play various birds with laser, circle in ' bird's nest ' upper part, appear vividly one ' phoenix return mew ' graph, state of the family that this is a Chinese, home, home consciousness. State of the family that this is a Chinese, home, home consciousness..
3 when comprise on arena " and " word, also leave very deep impression to the person that watch. "Of 3 different period ' and ' word, witnessed China thousands of years and combine culture. Of archaism ' and ' with contemporary ' and ' , style is different, connotation is consistent, mean harmonious, peace. " Li Hanqiu says.

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