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"EAT YOUR HAT OUT " design group is held to be about to be in Beijing
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Cap, as important tie-in ornament, all the time by the whole world people place likes. Can express your individual character through the cap, what can adjust dress through the cap is tonal, also can obscure through the cap a bit random hair, actually, is the design also same? We express individual character with the design, will shape brand image with the design, go offerring sale solution for the enterprise with the design. Look in us, the common feature of cap and design is originality, go creating with originality fresh, rich, beautiful world.

Come 2 years, khaki Creative&Design offers promotion of brand construction, vision and originality to devise plan for global client all the time as professional originality group, novelty of our praise highly, bold effective vision performance. We know, serve as the masses, most the kind of effective is interesting and kind. So this, we use the theme of the cap to compare our job and attitude. We built brand of a fictitious cap (Momo Hats Factory) , be opposite with people of the cap seek go the importance of map originality.

This second design group is right, we invited 15 artists and stylist, they come from Taiwan of China, United States, England, Argentine, France, Italy, Spain, China to wait different country and area a moment, they come for originality, they come for the cap. We can adopt their form the originality expression that the work of each different goes experiencing different culture setting to fall, experience design regards the artwork of culture language as flavour, of course, we hope people can understand our most primary purpose more: Originality, it is to result from the wisdom of the life.

Dear friend:
The invitation with cordial Khaki Creative the group of design of Eat Your Hat Out that you join to was held at Beijing Mao Live House on July 19, 2008 is right! The activity dismisses entrance ticket, ask you to carry calling card to enter.

Mobile time:
On July 19, 2008 13:30 to 17:30
Mobile place:
Beijing of Mao LIve House east drum-tower of the city zone east ave 111

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