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Mythological continuance, the birth of the New Testament -- solemn face of new s
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"Overprint 3 " , " issue more than 50 thousand " , " publish 2 years to still demand exceeds supply " ... above these seeing appear the result like myth, cosplay complete contact is achieved 1 times. Of the succeed that serves as it make, COS bound is the most luxuriant, the most authoritative, the most delicate publication, new stay away from home of the wind of ancient rhyme a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that Cosplay of books of series of form a complete set of golden mask grand ceremony contacts II completely and culture already appeared on the market twice in the round recently.

Regard domestic major as the example of theatrical edition COSPLAY, grand ceremony of annual golden mask Cosplay can create countless histories. Take part in the match of the number, of limits wide, those who get span of numerous age layer is big, of consequence strong it is be place of match of other and all COS cannot is likened to. The golden ball award that inspects bound of the Oscar Award of the bound, football as the shadow is same, the top class award that golden mask award will be made create COSPLAY group. In the meantime, its meaning is an award not merely so simple, what what it explains is one kind is loved by adolescent use free culture success, having just, rigorous choose and level of appraise through comparison. What place of golden mask award symbolizes is: The delegate with crackajack culture of the identity that your person respects in group of top level of deductive of position of the person that COSPLAY domain makes a person respect inspected king, COSPLAY, COSER, COSPLAY and contributor. What golden mask award will become COSPLAY fan is exclusive and honorary, make the high level line of culture of a kind of COSPLAY.

Same, the Cosplay that regards series of form a complete set of golden mask grand ceremony as books is contacted completely also can says classical medium classical, regard China as books of theme of the first COSPLAY, cosplay contacted 1 concentration to collect the outstanding COS work of home's numerous and famous COS group and individual completely. Content includes the special report of sole intent article of famous COSER; COS elegant photograph is revealed; COS films artistic; Film titbits large exposure; Dress prop makes a tutorial; Luxuriant PS skill uncovers secret; Wonderful picture show waits COS race site a moment etc. Now, through precipitation of two years, cosplay contacts II to be being accompanied completely " 2008 Beijing net connects broadband cup " theater of Cosplay of 87.6 new culture and China move recreational frequency modulation the driving tornado of activity of grand ceremony of Cosplay of mask of 8 years of gold lands free net again. Contact completely than Cosplay 1, this Cosplay contacts the world-shaking of metabolic it may be said of II completely.
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