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Bulongbaige: Google pushs a browser to challenge Microsoft
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Bulongbaige is published sign the article that is Crayton Harrison, the writings states Google will roll out a free webpage to browse software, will challenge Microsoft. This browser names for Chrome, google expresses, will be in since tomorrow more than 100 countries offer download. Lone issue webpage includes in the design of this software, the user need not shut whole browser to be able to shut problem webpage.

The user can complete the application such as calendar of use email, electron and word processing through using a browser. In this on one hand Google is in Microsoft of race to control domain, the people on the tradition before this is used bind achieve these functions in the software on computer. Analyst Roger Kay expresses, webpage browser can help Google be his program and search engine to attract an user.

Roger Kay of president of Endpoint Technologies Associates says, "This brings an innovation to Google brand-new positional opportunity. The browser is more more capacious than the platform that they have now. The browser is more more capacious than the platform that they have now..

Sundar Pichai of vice president of management of product of song of the cereal in the rich guest of Google and Linus Upson of Google project director say, "We realize the network included simple content page and rich alternant application, we need to ponder over the development of the browser afresh entirely. We need to ponder over the development of the browser afresh entirely..

Market share

The data that investigates company Net Applications shows, 72% what the network browser of Microsoft holds market share, browser of Mozilla company red fox is held 20% , the Safari of malic company is held 6.4% .

Microsoft releases the test version of browser of network of a new edition last week. This software makes an user OK the network address that whether control saves an user to had been browsed.

Mozilla expresses last week, google and Mozilla sign agreement, the acquiesce that makes Google searchs engine to will become red fox browser before 2011 searchs engine. This company is had for fund of Mozilla of a nonprofit.

As similar as red fox, the Chrome browser that Google plans to roll out also is software opening a source, this means programmer to be able to edit the code, function that increases this.

Google dropped in Nasidake's share price on August 29 2.2% (10.49 dollars) , drop to 463.29 dollars. Google share price had dropped this year 33% .

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