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Caricaturist Liu Yun Jie obtains Japan " international caricature award " large
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Yun Jie of caricaturist Liu of Chinese Hong Kong by its work " hundred feeling " , take part in the match in 368 when come from 46 countries and area show itself in work, 26 days obtain Japan the 2nd " international caricature award " the most outstanding award.

Province of Japanese foreign affairs announced the 2nd Japan 26 days " international caricature award " bear the palm person list. Prize-giving ceremony will be held on September 2, award prize the person that by Japanese foreign minister Gaocunzhengyan is bear the palm at the appointed time.

According to this media coverage, liu Yunjie entered caricature group 1985, was in 1988 " caricature teenager " work is published on the magazine " k of c of the o that ban R " and become famous overnight achieve instant fame, cartoon of Hong Kong love makes after get military thing. The work that begins to publish from 1992 " hundred feeling " depict two male one female the amative story of 3 youths, depict the love manner of contemporary youth and life. This work is published in many countries and area, be patted drama of movie and TV, wide welcome.

Province of Japanese foreign affairs was established last year in May " international caricature award " , the outstanding caricature of the country outside aiming to reward Japanese condition and area creates a handsome appearance, drive culture diplomacy of Japan. Li Zhiqing of caricaturist of Chinese Hong Kong is in first " international caricature award " in choosing with work " grandchildren strategics " win award of the most outstanding work.

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