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Enlighten do obeisance to build autarky of 750 meters tall pyramid to be able to
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The tremendous pyramid that archaic Maya and Egyptian build makes a person acclaim as the peak of perfection, but nowadays, a couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to " time is linked " building design firm is planning to be in enlighten do obeisance to build another more lofty and grandiose super pyramid -- be called this " Jigulate " contemporary edition pyramid will have 750 meters tall, always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 2.3 square kilometer, it will be pyramid of Egypt auspicious Sa 6 times big, can accommodate 1 million person to live at the same time!
Cover an area of a face to accumulate 2.3 square kilometer
It is reported, "Jigulate " one word is archaic beauty Suobudamiya name of architectural of the fane in river valley, its feature forms the pyramid of platform type with the floor that narrows ceaselessly just about.
It is reported, of contemporary edition " Jigulate " pyramid will be built in enlighten do obeisance to around, its exterior submits pyramid form, height achieves 750 breathtaking meters, always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 2.3 square kilometer, base circumference is 1500 meters.
Look from blueprint, "Jigulate " pyramid will stand tall and upright in enlighten do obeisance to the desert around or over oasis, its appearance is unusually grand. Astonishing is, after completion, "Jigulate " pyramid will be Egypt of tower of Ji Sajin word 6 times big, latter height makes an appointment with 167 meters only, cover an area of fifty-two thousand nine hundred square metre. With " Jigulate
" pyramid photograph is compared, auspicious Sa pyramid will look as low " ant hill " .
Elevator net is spread all over " pyramid city "
Basis " time is linked " the blue print of the company, "Jigulate " pyramid is structure of framework of reinforcing steel bar, pyramid is mid it is one is just as a rocket to launch a tower like columnar structure, all hub conduit inside pyramid and cable will be crossed from now on. And outside pyramid the surface has a lot of space, can introduce the light and fresh air pyramid interior. It is reported, in pyramid, will build 10 thousand tens of apartment, mart, rink, outdoors theater, tennis court, many public plaza, school and hospital, can weighs a be worthy of the name " pyramid city " .
It is reported, "Jigulate " the public carriage system that pyramid still will provide to have preterhuman efficiency, freely stagger road spreads all over pyramid with carriage conduit inside everywhere, formed a 360 degrees transportation network. Hundreds elevator can be in at the same time perpendicular direction and horizontal way random move, thereby the dweller quickly from pyramid inside " community " carry another " community " , your car also becomes redundant. The working place as a result of every dweller and home are inside pyramid, they also need not commute by the car everyday again in the future, OK even need not leave pyramid forever.
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