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3 get together cyanogen amine (Melamine) it is a kind of 3 Qin kind organic comp
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Serve as this " incident of poisonous milk powder " prime criminal, 3 get together cyanogen amine although product of this chemical industry sounds very professional, but already was not the eye shot that appears in everybody first in.

Be in early 2007, the partial pet feed that China exports the United States by 3 get together after cyanogen amine pollutes incident exposure, this noun appears quickly on each public media. Because the pet of the other shore is apart from the life of common Chinese,be probably too distant, great majority public is remained to this one product those who know is very little.

Now, the children of thousands of is contained because of edible 3 get together the milk powder of cyanogen amine and the torment that suffers kidney stone, in food " have " or " not " 3 get together cyanogen amine was becoming a big question.

3 get together name of cyanogen amine English is Melamine, it is a kind of 3 Qin kind organic compound of the heterocycle that contain nitrogen. Regard a kind of utility as semifinished product of extensive basic and organic chemical industry, 3 get together cyanogen amine ever was used extensively at lumber, plastic, coating, papermaking, spin, leather, electric wait for an industry.

3 get together cyanogen amine serves as powder of a kind of crystallization, it is white together like milk powder, also flavour of it doesn't matter. Of course, these are not to bring about its to be entered by mix into the reason of milk powder. Actually, 3 get together cyanogen amine is entered by extensive adulteration in milk powder, because,be at present triumphant family name (Kjeldahl) the law that decide nitrogen is to detect the only method of protein content in milk powder.

AllegedTriumphant family name decides azotic way, point to namely through measuring the content of azotic element, use azotic element and protein reduction coefficient, will calculate the method that protein gross contains in milk powder. In analysing a process, all material that contain nitrogen all are become by statistic protein gross; That is to say, law of this one party cannot discern effectively the other material containing nitrogen in food.

3 get together cyanogen amine contains azotic quantity to be as high as 66% , in once be mingled,eating powdered milk, can raise an instrument " numerate " protein content. Its price, have the 1/5 of albumen raw material only, this kind cheap " the edge tool that make a holiday " be called by common in folk " albumen essence " .

After American pet food pollutes incident happening, how to detect whether does this kind of matter exist, become to cannot be challenged evasively.

In May 2007, in American recall by 3 get together the pet feed that cyanogen amine pollutes only after two months, management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) the requirement that put forward to make sure provision part is safe to food manufacturer, offerred the gas phase color atlas that can detect with amine of Yu Sanju cyanogen, usage of mass spectra couplet (GC-MS, temperamental couplet calls usage below) . Law of this one party got provision of American Ministry of Agriculture very quickly safety and supervisory arrange (FSIS) approbate.
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