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Shanghai double year of dialog that exhibits person and city
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Yesterday, be enveloped to get lush and green Shanghai art gallery by boston ivy, the theme is " fast city rapid a person engaged in some particular pursuit " the 7th Shanghai double year exhibit open mysterious veil, 59 when come from 21 countries and area (group) artist, greeted the first batch of person that look around here.

In the course that changes in the city, of people live is condition what kind of? How does their identity affirm? This is current Shanghai double year exhibit place to devote oneself to to pay close attention to " person " theme.

· writing Buddhist nun says the Zhuruian that comes from Germany, say too much chef is not burned give one desk good food. But the famous and artistic plan with this build white see things in a blur is exhibited the person is very happy that the earth's surface is shown, oneself and come from Dutch plan to exhibit a person to writing brush Ke Silaoge, the total plan that still has Shanghai exhibits a person " big mustache Zhang Qing " communicate very smoothly, 3 plan with disparate style exhibit the home medley go out this " artistic domain " , be called by them " oneself most beautiful daughter " .

  Ant, Teng Long: "Individual person " it is dot of the greatest attention

Enter art gallery east the door, look up to be able to see a flock of multicoloured big ant are being climbed up along topping belfry metope climb, this is artist Chen Zhiguang " ant Eden " . The bulk that he makes with many 160 glass reinforced plastics the ant of each different, what the implied meaning migrates ceaselessly in the city is emigrant. These ant are entered up ceaselessly take, emigrate as the city people swarm into a city ceaselessly, going after the changeover of the self-identity of ego identity and lifestyle.

This year double year exhibit with before the biggest differ even if from the society the smallest element, but also be urban soul " individual person " angle is cut. A lot of ginseng exhibit an artist, also be like Chen Zhiguang same, reflect in work directly right " person " think.

Slovak artist collect of Mann Angdake " measure the universe " , used the convention that a lot of people leave behind a good reputation everywhere, especially the behavior that tourist doodle leaves behind a good reputation. Each audience can be below the staff member's help one draws his height on the wall, sign full name date again. This act is perforative and whole exhibition period, along with time elapse, draw more and more closely on the wall, become mural of a black finally. This work will be individual the earth's surface amounted to the probability poetic flavour in the group to come out: The universe of all living things is after all by individual composition.

Of Yue Minjun " multicoloured Long Teng " the prospective destiny that reviews a person morely. Upstair full in the exhibition hall of half floor, the dinosaur in the mythological fokelore with giant dimensions, the head of the white tooth of head of the glazing that be changed, fleer that close eye, colour of the whole body is mottled, twisting a neck, attitude each different ground runs ahead. Total scheme exhibits person Zhang Qing to explain, let dinosaur weigh garden coming home with the figure of personate, meaning in caution people is in modern industry city, if waste resource blindly, also can resemble dinosaurian and same die out finally.
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