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Fly towering arrived! ! !

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"Fly towering " it is with the two-seater of our country newest development annihilate 10 battleplan are prototype, press 1:2The scale energy industry of 4 is made and become. Airframe whole uses alloy to cast, exterior grain detail, lamp, antenna, petroleum pipeline all make in detail; Cockpit bleb exterior, cabin cover can be opened, appearance of the seat inside cabin, instrument, indication screen all is emulated make; Duck ala and empennage are adjustable direction, missile is hanged to use outside plastic an exterior emulation processing, detachable outfit; The storehouse builds landing gear can open, landing gear can close freely put, rear wheel all can roll before, and have damping effect; Tail jet mouth can contract outspread, bake orchid processing; Use stainless steel support, height can rise freely fall, the plane can be on bracket 360 ° freedom rotates; Decelerate umbrella releases a mouth to be made in detail. Everybody is OK and direct remittance also can buy through cleaning out treasure:   Http://

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