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Give an undergraduate an open letter of friends
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How successful is many undergraduate friend incoming letters ask me? I tell them: Belong those people that have preparation early successfully forever. In fact, before at present the undergraduate's concept mixes more than 10 years " the person's arrogant child " already was widely divergent. At present the undergraduate is everywhere. Obtain employment is difficult already became general fact. The skilled worker that still has proficiency in a particular line as those is good apply for a job. I know the graduate of university of a few keys, achievement is extremely good, cannot find the job, be forced to apply for the member that works of a beer should be sold, have 500 yuan of salary every months only. This amount is taken in Jiang Zhe is poverty door simply. Accordingly, do not want narcissism undergraduate this trashy brand. And the integrated quality that should improve oneself ceaselessly. What does the society need, you are about what to learn. Choose a few useful competence to master. Do not have blind faith in the thing on textbook. Very much now textbook is antiquated, dogmatic, trashy. Achievement is good do not represent you capability is strong. Accordingly, success went almost. The key should seek the way that follows his to advance. Although achievement is not very good,resemble me (because I do not have beautiful what idea at all) , but me special attention understands and master newest knowledge. Computer comes out I learned, english I also am in off hours outside attending, teach groom class, writing, write words compose, motion is waited a moment, extensive dabble. Accordingly, I am in the association with other, always can reside high on. Train of thought is very active also, often have good idea emerge in large numbers. For instance, my model business, the performance data that I can equip the model that sells masters adroitly and introduce to the client, arouse their interest. I not only it is to oneself contact business, I still recruited many undergraduates that did not work, let them replace my sale without risk ground, raised my sale outstanding achievement already, brought income of high specified number for the undergraduate again. Current, I already had undergraduate of 20 many undergraduate course to make my sale network. They need not spend the cost of a minute of money, just contact a client for me, once the business was concluded, have thousands of even tens of thousands of yuan income, and need not risk any risks. Accordingly, I hope undergraduates do not carry a frame work to oneself, should regard oneself as of a society common, what can make money dry what, what is useful go to school what, as long as you are stronger than others, without giving thought to which respect, you can socially base oneself upon. Hope sincerely my propose talk, can be place of broad undergraduate friend to adopt, even if little, I also with respect to content with one's lot.

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