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Newest roll out model of republican gun salute
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Newest roll out model of republican gun saluteNorms] [L=410mm]
] [L=410mm]The price] [1800 yuan]
] [1800 yuan]IntroduceIntroduce
Republican gun salute is to consult before Tian An Men 97 type receive in kind of guest gun salute, be created again via the design and become. Alloy of gun salute whole is aureate, tie-in jade structure; Great Wall of openly fender anaglyph reachs ornamental columns erected in front of palaces, coping is army emblem (national emblem or armed police badge are offerred anthology) , the bipod of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun carves flying megalosaurus each, indicative People's Republic of China falls in the auspicious situation of reforming and opening, all trades and professions 10 thousand lis of rise high into the air, the leap is ongoing; The design of gun salute base consulted the stage welcoming guest that greets foreign visitor reachs the structure style of the Jin Shuiqiao before Tian An Men; Every product all is engraved have with the only number that collects certificate photograph correspondence, set limit to issues 8000, with this congratulatory the Chinese People's Liberation Army founds an army 80 years! High-grade leather case is packed. Can says " right country ceremony " , it is vogue to present the most exalted gift!
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