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Big privilege of model of 51 T-98 tank
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Newest those who roll out martial model series - T98 stand for war tank alloy model, welcome a choose and buy.
T-98 tank in National Day big parade appear first, caused the wide attention of foreign personage, when exterior martial, function is advanced homebred stand for war tank rumble has sailed when Tiananmen Square, the army that an any Chinese people can be us has the world to stand for war first-rate tank and those who feel clinking is proud.
This essence shrinks scale alloy model, be stand for war with T-98 tank is prototype, by 1: 30 scale essence shrinks and become. Barbette can rotate 360 degrees, gun muzzle can turn up and down, all doors all can be opened, pedrail uses emulation track, can turn, make tank can move smoothly, the wheel has damping effect.
The model stock that rolls out this 3 kinds of design, include result of effect of aureate effect, plating blueness ancient copper, the fuel injection that confuse colour.
A variety of material reach this product volume to craft is made meticulously and be become character, emulate degree extremely tall, the attention of the person that collect by lover of broad military affairs and model and love, become first selection of the person that collect and gift beautiful to taste. QQ464124910

[Norms] [340x220x180mm]
[The price] [¥ 560]
Send elegant base. Clean out treasure user to be able to buy from the following network address: Http://

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