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New roll out copper to make 521 warships model
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Newest roll out copper to make 518 warships model, 80 centimeter control length, 3600 yuan / , send glass cover and elegant bag case.

521 fine encourage sign, class of Jiang Wei Ⅱ (053H2G2) , shanghai Shanghai east dockyard is made, 1997 start working, entered the water in June 1998, enlisted in army in June 1999.
Principal dimensions: 115 meters long, shipboard is 14 meters wide, draft 4 meters
Displacement: Be fully loaded with displacement 2250 tons
Lead plane: 4 diesel engine, 2 axes, 21460 horsepower
Speek of a ship or plane: 28
Work out: 180
Weapon: Counter naval vessel missile: Missile of C802 of outfit of 2 4 couplet blasts off frame, m1.0, cannon-shot 120 kilometers
Air defence missile: Red flag - 7 (HQ-7/FM80) empty missile of naval vessel of 8 couplet outfit
Outfit of outfit of a double couplet is homebred 100 millimeter artillery piece
Outfit of 4 4 couplet is homebred 37 millimeter prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan (76 armour)
6 couplet install FQF-2500 to go instead rocket electropult 2
3 couplet install 324 millimeter MK32F to turn over pearlfish thunder electropult 1
Guan Bo of 2 SRBOC MK36 6 disturb emitter; 2 homebred 26 canals foil emitter
Helicopter: " Harbin " Z-9A (" dolphin " )

Above information is picked from website of encyclopedia of Chinese naval naval vessels.

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