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Model of art of Shenzhen city sunflower designs limited company

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Model of Shenzhen city sunflower designs limited company (the former sunflower that reflect day) , held water 1998, by be graduated from major of architecture of the university that be the same as aid, the professional personage that is engaged in building design, estate to develop for years is founded, regard professional model as the company, already implemented scale extremely at present, the company devotes oneself to to make all sorts of building model high-quality goods for client design.
The professional technology personnel such as the design that sunflower company owns meaning of seasoned, acute to innovate, model, Electromechanical, distribute stock cut of many advanced computer reachs all sorts of accurate device, abound experience by right of what make model of high-tech sound, smooth, report, water for years, pursue classical design, create the management tenet of beautiful scenery, bear on the model quality that make bear, charge for the making of sth. careful, style distinctive, effect is distinct. This
The profundity with artistic to the building move understands and go after, no matter work is harmonious and halcyon abstract model, lifelike still realistically model, in course of study
The bound is agreed with extensively, have taller company reputation.
The company is building model domain pour into infinite persistence and cordial, cordial hope and social all circles cooperate, achieve a success in all, share brilliant.
The personage of inside and outside of course of study that thanks all support and care company development

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