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Model skill is complete manual (13)- glue board apply
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IfOff-the-peg model is covered already cannot satisfy you, you are sure think oneself are transformed very much (completely self-restrained even) the model that gives a few extraordinary comes, so transform what glue board reachs various and plastic material to apply, it is the path of your settlement. After wanting the skill such as skilled and basic combination, burnish only, anybody can try to have transformed job. This paragraphic explanation a variety of material and basic method, hope you can fathom a more economic change by oneself.

1. main tool - Zun Qi is model of glue of knife of rule of set square, iron, pen, model, wash-and-wear glue, P knife, Bao Ren to curium according to foreword, the model curiums established rule or practice, model curiums. The white P.S that 2. model inn can buy Japanese cropland palace or American EVERGREEN produces is plastic transform glue board, have a lot of planting ply choice, can catch with general model glue. The fine glue of all sorts of ply that 3.EVERGREEN produces, dimension, reach the hollow circle with paper-thin tube wall to be in charge of, have one, 200 kinds can offer an alternative, it is to transform use " divine arms edge tool " , white P.S is plastic. 4. Zun Ergen is transparent and hollow canal (nature is fragile) , the others is plastic club of circle and P.S of quadrate sincere white, all manufacture for Japanese cropland palace. The H of all sorts of ply that 5.EVERGREEN produces, dimension wait for project angle iron, white P.S is plastic. The four square that PLASTRUCT of 6. United States produces are in charge of hollowly, this brand hundreds kinds this kind of product, be applied in great quantities in the United States at workshop kind project model is made, ABS is plastic.
7. Japan MODELER'S manufactures can curve type circle of special talent qualitative sincere is marvellous, can fold a turn to give average data place not to fold the successive curve that go out easily (common glue club must be used heat bake soft methodological ability to bend) , must use wash-and-wear adhesive bonding to wear.
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