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Of panther make- - the friend that makes a model for first time
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Novice start off: Yi  is troubled by chart?- to make the friend of the model for first time

The article is made to just contact the friend of the model, do not involve any advanced technologies, ace people need not look, also do not scold me please.
The model that develops recently, besides designing accurate itself, still having to it the compose inside the colophony of form a complete set, etch a pedrail that perhaps links type of what a large number of transforming, these things are friendly to the fever of class of those ashes of the dead for, it is one kind is enjoyed absolutely. But, for the new friend that such model makes firm to Yugang introduction, make process and sophisticated technology trivally, often exceeded them bear ability. In view of there is competition of a model recently, the demonstrative target that offers here so is Tian Gong 35065, the leopard of old edition. NOW, we come along.

1, after the time that spend a dot has seen the making technological process on the manual, we begin to make. Cut what the spare parts takes care from flow path first below. Had better be to connecting partial brace to be cut together, using a knife next attentive the share that cuts next need

2, model of agglutinate of use model glue. The canal of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun in covering a model originally is two ajar models, stick the cement that after receiving, my use adhesive plaster encases the spare parts makes. Need the part of boarding to those, we can use adhesive plaster and clip, wait for its are dry after appearing boarding, get off

A few small component can be in 3. to be cut from flow path before falling, make. For instance vent-pipe, I am before chromatically first bore

4. mixes painting of a few models, for instance black, rubiginous color, v is appropriate color, undertake besmearing installing to vent-pipe with little paintbrush. Same, it is OK to can wait to machine gun, pedrail and equipment first chromatically, assemble bodywork to go up again. To the place of may bad chromatically after combination is good, also can do it first

5. barbette includes aegis of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun and conning tower, careful stick them on, need aperture of fill of little filling earth. This in still include the small part such as additional handle link up with, when damaging for having, replace.

The armor model that 70 time produce 6. elephant other is same, this model can transform dynamoelectric toy, there is the hole of for installing motor obligate on chassis, we use thin gum board on fill. Of course you are OK also and lazy, like me.
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