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Colour appearance of series of Tian Gong XF (Chinese edition)
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■ pyxis is installed (10ml) 120 yen of price of of all kinds are takenThe price of the mark 150 yen
■ pyxis is installed (23ml) 180 yen of price of of all kindsBelt
The price of the mark 220 yen
■ dissolvent of especially big bottle (250ml) 400 yen

■ the likelihood in actual color and graph has some of discrepancy

XF-1 disappear light is black
XF-2Disappear light is white
XF-3 disappear light is yellow
XF-4 disappear smooth olivine
XF-5 disappear light is green
XF-6 metal copper
XF-7 Xiao Guanggong
XF-8 disappear light is blue
XF-9 disappear smooth bilge is red
XF-10Disappear smooth palmLubricious
Military secret of XF-11 day navy is dark green (the complexion on naval opportunity for combat)
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