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Colour appearance of series of Tian Gong TS (Chinese edition)
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■ gush canister is installed (100ml) of all kinds 500 yen
■ the likelihood in actual color and graph has some of discrepancy

TS-1 disappear Guang Gongzong
German chariot

TS-2 disappear light is dark green
TS-3 disappear light is dark yellow
TS-4Disappear smooth Germany is grey
Brown of TS-5 disappear smooth olive
TS-6 disappear light is black
TS-7 light motorcycle race is white
TS-8 light Italy is red
TS-9 light does not list bump green
Xi La of TS-10 light flange
TS-11 light is chestnut
TS-12 light orange
TS-13 light is transparent
TS-14 light is black
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