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Gush pen besmear holds complete work slightly- - pen of detailed introduction gu
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From the contact the model begins, did not see a detailed gush pen introduces a literary works all the time, a lot of moment everybody is gush pen is familiar with in fumble with me, undesigned discovery [print of HOOBY JAPAN 2006.2] this medium article, the experience that joins him summer of stupid stupid dog, interpreter compose this article, last a period of time a many month, the hope can give the friend that use and is wanting to use a few helps, also hope to receive the make a comment or criticism of friends.

Besmear of 1 gush pen installs ABC piece

The feature that besmear of ˜ gush pen installs

Outfit of besmear of # gush pen is...

Outfit of gush pen besmear and outfit of gush canister besmear are same, coating is in into gush of besmear of gas mist shape thing surface, make exterior coating bright and clean and clinking lubricious trace. And the pen besmears chromatically wants not to have a trace is accomplished very hard. And besmear with gush pen outfit and gush canister besmear are installed relatively, both in spray area, coating chroma, of paint choose go up to also having different distinction. The article below can besmear to gush pen pretend a detailed introduction.

The pattern that gush pen besmear fits. Take a part single-handed, take gush pen single-handed. Gush pen follows the course of chromatically and move ceaselessly.

Accumulate to bedding face from filament, gush pen can be answered leisurely.

The use case of gush pen

Be without the burnish besmear of chromatically trace to install, the application of gush pen makes component each is concave and convex the color of place appears downy and natural.

The metal pledges the expression of feeling also is the strong point of gush pen chromatically.

The light and shade that can show a part with gush pen concerns, stress stereo feeling.

The spirit that reflects exhaust with gush pen tootle corrupt the effect, and what bedding face accumulates tootle is old turn the result.

The feature that gush pen besmear installs


Without chromatically trace, chromatically is even and unified.

Get used to the coating with all sorts of color and type.

Spray area arrives as a child big, range is wide, especially the chromatically of large area is highlighted particularly.
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