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The making method of pedrail of graphic joining together
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Summer vacation tribute, the making method of pedrail of graphic joining together

Summer vacation arrived, many student union try to make a model, but some of novice can be beaten by joining together pedrail, feel proceed with of have no way, here I write down the method of pedrail of the joining together that make, those who hope to be able to see a new hand is disconcerted.

Prepare a tool above all, chassis, the pedrail that has cut piece, and smooth seam a bottle of glue. Did not sneak away it is OK also to seam glue to use common glue, it is besmear should be nodded carefully

The wheel of chassis is not sticky it is OK also to go up, I this is to use double-faced glue paper to stick false combination, did not go up glue is sticky dead, convenient load annulus disassemble chromatically

Had arranged a paragraph of small pedrail, my this method is a paragraph small a paragraph of small pedrail goes all out together, I think this method is good master some, rectify more easily also model

In pedrail piece a Tu Xie is sizy, need not too much

Tu Hao's pedrail I am pinned with clincher, convenient whole model

After of a paragraph of small a paragraph of small do well is sticky together, make it one strip, length of about half batholith

Await 2 minutes about, sizy half male when can rectify model, cover track start in half annulus on, had pressed with finger, writing down should notice not to let pedrail cover more than half to start annulus, otherwise a bit it is difficult that after takes a meeting to have

A bit male after can be taken out, it is this appearance

Then I am in across is again a few stickier pedrail

The after that makes pedrail with same method half

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